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                        Chengdu HercuLux Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.  is a modernized enterprise dedicated to providing professional secondary optical match schemes for the LED lighting field and the design, manufacture and sales of related optical elements.

                        The Company boasts global-leading research and development strengths, advanced production equipments and a professional detection system, and a R&D team comprised of experts working in the fields of optics, precision optical die and precision optical injection for decades and an excellent and passionate marketing team, ensuring the stable quality of each product series and fast and considerate services.
                        Since the establishment, the Company has overcome many secondary optical match issues in the LED lighting field.


                        If you need anything, please feel free to contact us

                        TEL:0755-2937 1541    FAX:0755-2907 5140    E-MAIL:sales@hkoptics.com

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                        LIGHT THE LIGHT.

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